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Consultation over School Transport

by markjewell on 10 November, 2013

LANCASHIRE County Council is currently holding a consultation over proposed changes to its home to school transport. Proposals include an increase in the contribution parents already make towards transport to faith schools, a rise in school bus fares and a reduction in the number of people who qualify for free transport. However, those on low […]

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Lea Road Resurfaced

by markjewell on 8 April, 2013

Following repeated road closures for utility companies and repairs for potholes, Lea Road is finally being completely resurfaced. Cllr Jewell commented, “This is welcome news that this resurfacing work is now being completed. It was almost a year ago that I made the request for Lea Road to be resurfaced following repeated fragmentation and potholes […]

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20mph limits come to Ashton

by markjewell on 18 March, 2013

20mph speed limits are coming to your street soon. Your local County Councillor, Mark Jewell has campaigned strongly for this and has welcomed the news. Tulketh Road and Egerton Road will remain at 30mph. Mark commented, “The Larches part of my district was one of three pilot areas across Lancashire. The results from this have […]

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Cottam Lane limited Parking plans approved

by markjewell on 10 March, 2013

County Councillor Mark Jewell is delighted that plans he initiated for Cottam Lane have been approved. He explains, “Many residents came to me about the Parking problems on Cottam Lane and Birch Avenue. This arose due to visitors and staff to the Ashton Health centre parking there. The new scheme will introduce double yellow lines […]

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Labour’s Neglect and Waste

by markjewell on 9 December, 2012

Labour have been slammed for their neglect of Preston’s iconic bus station and market. Local campaigner Elaine Abbot commented, “For a large part of the past 40 years Labour have been in control of the Council. By failing to maintain these buildings properly they have fallen into disrepair.” Lib Dem financial spokesman at the Town […]

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Safer Streets on Larches

by markjewell on 28 November, 2012

Results showing a fall in accidents in the Larches area of Preston have been welcomed by residents. Following strong campaigning from Cllr Mark Jewell, Larches was one of three pilot areas across Lancashire. The results show casualties on the Larches estate have reduced since the 20mph signed scheme was established in September 2010. For the […]

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20mph scheme brings safer streets

by markjewell on 10 October, 2012

 RESULTS showing a fall in accidents in the first area of Preston to receive a widespread 20mph limit have been welcomed at a meeting of Lancashire County Council’s Full Council.  Councillors heard that casualties on the Larches estate have reduced since the 20mph-signed scheme was established in September 2010.  For the three years before the […]

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Consultation on Local Development Framework

by markjewell on 17 June, 2012

There is currently a very important Consultation going on that could affect residents living on Lea Road and estates off of Lea Road. There is also a proposal affecting residents on Ashton Bank, Thurnham Road and Ryelands Crescent.  The Consultation is on the Local Development Framework that lays out the plans for various developments across central Lancashire.  To […]

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“Outrageous” Attack on Vulnerable

by markjewell on 13 February, 2012

Liberal Democrats on Lancashire County Council have angrily criticised proposals to charge disabled students for transport. Leader of the Lib Dem Group, County Councillor Bill Winlow, described the proposals as “outrageous”. The Conservative Council are currently consulting on plans to introduce a means tested contribution towards the cost of transport support for students with special […]

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County Councillor Mark Jewell, has blasted his own constituents who do not observe the 20mph speed limit on Larches. CC Jewell has been a key campaigner for 20mph limits and represents Ashton, Larches and Savick.  Larches is one of three areas across Lancashire that is currently the pilot for sign only 20mph limits. The aim […]

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