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Safer Streets on Larches

by markjewell on 28 November, 2012

Launch of Road Safety Week

Results showing a fall in accidents in the Larches area of Preston have been welcomed by residents. Following strong campaigning from Cllr Mark Jewell, Larches was one of three pilot areas across Lancashire.

The results show casualties on the Larches estate have reduced since the 20mph signed scheme was established in September 2010.

For the three years before the 20mph limits were introduced the total number of casualties across the Larches estate was 12, with 2 serious injuries and 10 slight. In the 2 years since only one slight casualty has been recorded.

The results were announced following a question from County Councillor Mark Jewell about the impact of the pilot schemes.¬†Cllr Jewell added, “The scheme has been about more than just putting up 20mph signs. It has also involved changing attitudes and behaviours on speeding by a mixture of education, community involvement and enforcement. These results are very encouraging.”

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