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LANCASHIRE Trading Standards has issued an urgent warning about a company currently cold-calling householders in Lea, Ashton, Fulwood and Penwortham offering to cut their council tax bills. The Lancashire County Council service has received over 60 enquiries, many from older residents who became suspicious after receiving unsolicited telephone calls offering to check council tax bandings. […]

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Lib Dems announce Police and Crime Candidate

by markjewell on 16 October, 2012

Liberal Democrats in Lancashire have named Afzal Anwar as their Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for the forthcoming election on 15th November. Anwar is a barrister and has experience of working with the police as well as scrutinising their work to make Police services meet the needs of local communities. Anwar said “I have 3 […]

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Anger at Labour’s cuts to Police PCSOs in Preston

by markjewell on 2 February, 2012

Residents across Preston have expressed anger at the Labour controlled Preston City Council cutting the budget for PCSOs. Cllr Pauline Brown, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in Preston, has slammed the cuts as “a disaster” in the fight against crime. She explained, “Labour’s proposals will lead to 11 PCSOs being lost across Preston.” She […]

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Scheme launched to tackle underage drinking

by markjewell on 25 July, 2011

County Councillor Mark Jewell has welcomed a new initiative to tackle underage drinking across Lancashire. At the launch of the campaign within his own district across Ashton, Larches and Savick he said, “Friday and Saturday night drinking is linked to much of the anti-social behaviour across the area. This campaign is about working with all stakeholders […]

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Anti Terror Laws used to spy on Council Cleaners

by markjewell on 17 June, 2009

Anti-terror snooping laws were used by Council chiefs – to check up on their own cleaners, Mark Jewell has revealed. This was the result of a Freedom of Information request by Councillor Mark Jewell. Some contract cleaners, employed at County Hall, were investigated after being accused of not working enough hours. The allegations turned out […]

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