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Labour’s Neglect and Waste

by markjewell on 9 December, 2012

Preston iconic bus station to be pulled down

Labour have been slammed for their neglect of Preston’s iconic bus station and market.

Local campaigner Elaine Abbot commented, “For a large part of the past 40 years Labour have been in control of the Council. By failing to maintain these buildings properly they have fallen into disrepair.”

Lib Dem financial spokesman at the Town Hall, Cllr John Potter added, “Last year Lib Dems proposed demolishing the bus station because it was clear the Council could not afford it. For political reasons Labour have delayed this announcement. This has cost almost £½ million that could have been better spent on protecting front line services. It has cost jobs and impacted the voluntary sector.”

With a total refurbishment bill of £23 million the Council has announced the bus station is to be demolished.

Local County Councillor Mark Jewell  said, “County Hall have had plans for a smaller bus station for some time. This decision could have been made last year. Instead, money has been spent on keeping it standing when that money could have been used to better protect services. It has also meant market traders have been left in limbo over plans for a new market.”

Cllr Jewell added, “It is clear that Labour are not the answer when it comes to protecting services and sorting out the mess they have left behind.”

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