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20mph limits come to Ashton

by markjewell on 18 March, 2013

Twenty is Plenty

Twenty is Plenty

20mph speed limits are coming to your street soon.

Your local County Councillor, Mark Jewell has campaigned strongly for this and has welcomed the news.

Tulketh Road and Egerton Road will remain at 30mph.

Mark commented, “The Larches part of my district was one of three pilot areas across Lancashire. The results from this have shown a significant reduction in accidents. This has not just been about putting up signs, but also working with schools and the community to change behaviours and make our streets safer. Across Lancashire, accidents have almost halved with the introduction of the 20mph limits and injuries have been less severe.”

This is in stark contrast to when Labour were in control of Lancashire County Council. Then, we had among the worst accident rates in the Country. Cllr Jewell added, “Labour have consistently opposed this scheme because they said it would not work. The facts are the results speak for them self, and as a result our streets are safer.

Details of the Ashton 20mph scheme can be found here

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