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Consultation on Local Development Framework

by markjewell on 17 June, 2012

There is currently a very important Consultation going on that could affect residents living on Lea Road and estates off of Lea Road. There is also a proposal affecting residents on Ashton Bank, Thurnham Road and Ryelands Crescent. 

The Consultation is on the Local Development Framework that lays out the plans for various developments across central Lancashire.  To the North of the Summertrees Estate is a plan to build over 1,300 homes on the Cottam site. This would undoubtedly put additional pressures on the existing road infrastructure and particularly Lea Road. There are also plans for a site on a flood zone, adjacent to Ashton Bank. I have extracted the relevant parts of the document covering these areas at the attachment below (LDF Master1).

You can follow the link for a map showing these sites here  (select Western Area proposals map from menu on left). The Cottam Site is known as allocation HS1.1 and the flood zone site is HS1.25

LDF Master1

You can view these documents in full at the link here and also submit your views on these proposals. There is a ‘drop-in’ session at the Town Hall on Wednesday 20th June from 2:30pm – 7pm. Your views and comments need to be submitted by 5pm on 2nd July 2012.

All of these documents can be accessed in hard copy at Savick Library.

If you have any concerns about the additional traffic this would bring onto Lea Road, then please also sign the petition here calling on Lancashire County Council for a Western Bypass to access these developments.

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