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Consultation over School Transport

by markjewell on 10 November, 2013

LANCASHIRE County Council is currently holding a consultation over proposed changes to its home to school transport.

Proposals include an increase in the contribution parents already make towards transport to faith schools, a rise in school bus fares and a reduction in the number of people who qualify for free transport. However, those on low income will still receive support.

The county council currently spends £8.5m on providing home to school transport, but about half of that is ‘discretionary’ – support provided in addition to what’s legally required.

The largest chunk of discretionary spending is on transport for students who attend a faith school which is not their nearest school. A parental contribution of £380 a year was introduced in 2011, though this still left the county council bearing about 60% of the cost.

The plan is to increase this contribution by 25%, with a year-on-year rise after that based on the retail price index plus 5%.

There are also changes in how a pupil’s nearest school in terms of transport eligibility is determined.

Local campaigner, Mark Jewell commented, “I would encourage parents and all other interested parties to take part in the consultation and make your views known.”

The consultation runs until 29 November and the full documentation can be seen on the county council’s website or telephone 01772 531878 if you are unable to access the web.

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