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Scam Warning – Council Tax Cold Callers Target Ashton

by markjewell on 17 July, 2013

LANCASHIRE Trading Standards has issued an urgent warning about a company currently cold-calling householders in Lea, Ashton, Fulwood and Penwortham offering to cut their council tax bills.

The Lancashire County Council service has received over 60 enquiries, many from older residents who became suspicious after receiving unsolicited telephone calls offering to check council tax bandings. In some instances, residents are informed they may be due a rebate of between £2,000 and £3,000. A visit is then arranged where a fee of £165 is charged, plus 25% of any rebate obtained.

There are concerns about the hard-selling practices of this company, and the percentage of successful claims obtained. Residents should be aware that companies cold-calling to sell this type of service have no connection to any council or to the Valuation Office Agency.

Trading Standards are asking people to report the calls. They are also keen to alert people that they can check their council tax banding themselves. Any householder has the right to contact the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501501, or via its website If people are successful in getting the band lowered, they will keep all of the rebate themselves.

If anyone has a complaint about the selling practices of this or any other any cold-calling company, please contact the Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

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