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Anger at Labour’s cuts to Police PCSOs in Preston

by markjewell on 2 February, 2012

"Ultimately, it will be the community that suffers" - Preston's Police Chief

Residents across Preston have expressed anger at the Labour controlled Preston City Council cutting the budget for PCSOs.

Cllr Pauline Brown, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in Preston, has slammed the cuts as “a disaster” in the fight against crime.

She explained, “Labour’s proposals will lead to 11 PCSOs being lost across Preston.” She is urging all Chairs of local PACT forums to respond to the Council’s consultation.

Cllr Pauline Brown said, “PCSOs have contributed to bringing overall crime figures down. Not only are they a reassuring presence on our streets, but they also liaise with community groups, like PACT.”

She added, “It does not ring true when Labour say they will work with the police to tackle serious crime prevention. It is true that they are going to continue to fund PCSOs to the tune of £55k. However, over the past year there have been two separate amounts of funding for PCSOs, one of £55k, the other for £124k. By ending the latter, which has match funding implications, they are putting the jobs of 11 PCSO’s at risk.

“These cuts have nothing to do with the cuts to police forces across the country. Before the last general election even Labour were proposing cuts to the police. The cuts to PCSOs are down to Labour’s local choices and priorities. They are Labour’s cuts.”

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