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Lib Dems announce Police and Crime Candidate

by markjewell on 16 October, 2012

Liberal Democrats in Lancashire have named Afzal Anwar as their Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for the forthcoming election on 15th November.

Anwar is a barrister and has experience of working with the police as well as scrutinising their work to make Police services meet the needs of local communities.

Anwar said “I have 3 priorities for Policing in Lancashire. Number one is keeping crime rates low; people living Lancashire want to feel safe, and their homes to be safe, and as Police and Crime Commissioner that would be my overall goal.

Secondly I will manage the budget, Police Forces across the country are facing significant financial challenges. I see the Police and Crime Commissioner as having a vital role in keeping as many Police Officers serving local people as possible, and to do everything possible to protect front-line Police services while making the books balance.

“My third priority is to make sure the Police are communicating and working with the local Communities that they serve. I want Lancashire Police Service to be the best in the country, and that means listening to local people, hearing their problems and concerns, and then taking appropriate steps to fix them”

County Councillor Mark Jewell welcomed the announcement by stating, ” I am delighted that we are fielding a strong local candidate who has a sound understanding of finance and the budgetary challenges facing the police in difficult economic circumstances.”

Tony Pimblett, County Councillor for Penwortham North and the Lib Dem Member on the Police Authority for Lancashire added, “The new Commissioner will have exciting opportunities not available to members of the Police Authority. Afzal has the skills and breadth of vision to develop the Liberal Democrat policies of restorative justice and offender management. He will also be the right candidate to work to bring partnerships together in a justice system that works for all”.

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