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Abingdon Drive development traffic concerns

by markjewell on 9 February, 2014


Residents on Abingdon Drive have expressed their concerns with traffic at the new retail development on the site of the old Jaguar house. Morrisons local opened at this site on 1st February and the original plans anticipated a dentist and fast food outlet too.

Residents can request a traffic review at this junction, including the sequencing of the traffic lights. Remedial action would have to be undertaken if such a review highlighted any safety concerns. Residents can write to Highways at County Hall via their website here, or by simply writing to:-
Lancashire County Council
Highways (Preston)
Preston PR1 8RD

Alternatively, you can e-mail your concerns to:-

This development was the subject of an appeal at planning stage, by the developer, who was initially refused planning permission by Preston City Council.

As the County Councillor at the time, Mark Jewell expressed a number of traffic concerns, which resulted in a number of conditions being applied at the appeal. The conditions to the appeal can be viewed here. Mark Jewell commented, “I have never been convinced that the conditions of the appeal addressed all the traffic concerns, but improvements were made to the original planning application. I share the concerns of residents with the proximity of the exit from the car park with the traffic lights and traffic from the chemists. The problem will only get worse when the other retail outlets are also filled. The sequencing of the lights and staff parking on Abingdon Drive are consequential problems that I am currently addressing.”


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