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Don’t forget to post your postal vote!

by markjewell on 14 May, 2014

closeMarkPVwebLocal campaigner, Mark Jewell, is reminding people to post their postal vote before the weekend. He commented, “we all lead busy lives and it is easily done to forget to post your postal vote. You can still post it to be counted before May 22nd. Alternatively, you can take it to the Town Hall and hand it in there. You can also take your postal vote to your local polling station and hand it in on polling day itself.”

Mark added, “I have already voted for Chris Davies and the LibDem team for the Euro elections. I am IN because I simply believe we can influence reform in Europe by being at the table rather than pulling up the draw-bridge.”

“I’m also supporting Rebecca Finch in the local elections on Larches. Becky is a fresh voice for Larches Ward and is standing to cut the number of Councillors on the Council.”

“Whoever you vote for do not forget to post your postal vote.”

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