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Labour’s Guild Hall Delays wastes Preston Taxpayers Money

by markjewell on 2 August, 2013

Mark&BillwebLiberal Democrats in Preston have criticised Labour’s delayed decision on the future of the Guild Hall.

Leader of the Preston Lib Dems, Councillor Bill Shannon said, “Labour have been dithering for 18 months over this and are only now getting round to doing what we said then – having lost us £600,000 in the meantime”

Larches campaigner, Mark Jewell added, “Labour’s delays have cost taxpayers over £600,000 in losses with the Guild Hall. This could have been avoided if Labour addressed this problem 18 months ago when the Lib Dems first proposed it.”

“It shows how out of touch Labour are when the Leader of the Council blames the delays on a director being off sick!”

“There are difficult decisions to be made in trying to sort out the mess left by the last Labour government. Even locally, they have shown themselves to not be up to the job of taking these difficult decisions.”

“How much more of taxpayers money will Labour waste by pursuing their failed policies on the Guild Hall. Frankly, they will have to mothball the Guild Hall for development to stop wasting any more taxpayers money.”

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