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Make Dementia Awareness a Priority

by markjewell on 15 May, 2013

Writing to the Lancashire Evening Post Mark Jewell has called for all political parties to make Dementia a Priority.

In an open letter he wrote:-

Dementia Awareness needs to be a priority

All the political parties at Lancashire County Council need to make raising awareness of Dementia a priority.

With no party gaining overall control at County Hall, following the local elections, discussions are ongoing with the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power.

The challenge for the Council is that they will need to save £1 in every £3 they currently spend. Inevitably this will impact adult and other services. It is better to prioritise what needs to be done than just cut everything.

With an aging population and dementia increasingly prevalent there must be a commitment to raise an awareness of dementia. The more we know about dementia, the more prepared we’ll be to face it.

With Dementia Awareness week from the 19th-25th May, there would be no better commitment to this cause than if all the political parties make raising awareness of dementia central to their discussions.

Mark Jewell

Former County Councillor for Preston NW.

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