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Is the government going to address the fundamental unfairness around the spare bedroom subsidy penalising those people who are willing to move and downsize, but cannot because of a lack of suitable housing? This was the question I put to Steve Webb MP, as part of a bloggers interview, at the Social Liberal Forum on […]

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LANCASHIRE Trading Standards has issued an urgent warning about a company currently cold-calling householders in Lea, Ashton, Fulwood and Penwortham offering to cut their council tax bills. The Lancashire County Council service has received over 60 enquiries, many from older residents who became suspicious after receiving unsolicited telephone calls offering to check council tax bandings. […]

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Fairer decision making starts at County Hall

by markjewell on 29 June, 2013

Liberal Democrat changes to the way decisions are scrutinised at County Hall have been made. With no party winning an overall majority at the elections in May, Liberal Democrats called to scrap the cabinet system in favour of a fairer committee lead system instead. Liberal Democrats called for all political parties to have a say […]

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Liberal Democrats on Lancashire County Council have agreed the priorities for County Hall over the next 4 years. In the County Council elections earlier this month no party gained overall control of the Council. However, Liberal Democrats have now agreed a policy document with Labour and have thus supported their nomination for Leader of the […]

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Liberal Democrats are continuing their negotiations with both Labour and the Greens to get a better deal for Lancashire. County Councillor Bill Winlow, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group said today, “We have been in intensive discussions with other parties since the local elections earlier this month. These discussions have been based around a policy document […]

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Make Dementia Awareness a Priority

by markjewell on 15 May, 2013

Writing to the Lancashire Evening Post Mark Jewell has called for all political parties to make Dementia a Priority. In an open letter he wrote:- Dementia Awareness needs to be a priority All the political parties at Lancashire County Council need to make raising awareness of Dementia a priority. With no party gaining overall control […]

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Thank you

by markjewell on 7 May, 2013

Mark says, “Many thanks to everyone who supported me and helped with this campaign. Your local focus team will continue to stand up for local people”. Liberal Democrats now hold the balance of power in Lancashire. Discussions are ongoing with the other parties to form a new administration. The full result for Preston North West […]

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We need a Local Champion…not just a politician.

by markjewell on 8 April, 2013

County Councillor Mark Jewell is re-standing for election on May 2nd. In the campaign to be elected in 2009 he made a promise to make our streets safer. County Councillor Mark Jewell has delivered on that promise and more. Under Labour, Preston had one of the highest accident rates involving children in the Country. With […]

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20mph limits come to Ashton

by markjewell on 18 March, 2013

20mph speed limits are coming to your street soon. Your local County Councillor, Mark Jewell has campaigned strongly for this and has welcomed the news. Tulketh Road and Egerton Road will remain at 30mph. Mark commented, “The Larches part of my district was one of three pilot areas across Lancashire. The results from this have […]

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Cottam Lane limited Parking plans approved

by markjewell on 10 March, 2013

County Councillor Mark Jewell is delighted that plans he initiated for Cottam Lane have been approved. He explains, “Many residents came to me about the Parking problems on Cottam Lane and Birch Avenue. This arose due to visitors and staff to the Ashton Health centre parking there. The new scheme will introduce double yellow lines […]

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