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New Licensing Rules for Scrap Metal Dealers come into Force

by markjewell on 10 November, 2013

Lancashire’s Liberal Democrats have welcomed a new law giving councils greater powers to combat the blight of scrap metal thefts on communities across the country.

Every scrap metal dealer is having to obtain a licence to trade from their local authority under the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act with councils now able to refuse or revoke licences.

The Act also makes it illegal for anyone to buy or sell scrap metal with cash and gives councils new powers of entry and inspection and the ability to shut down rogue dealers.

It will also help protect against unscrupulous thieves targeting churches, desecrating war memorials and causing disruption by stealing electric cables and metal from railway lines.

Local campaigner, Mark Jewell said,

“Metal thefts have had a hugely negative impact on communities, businesses and councils. Locally, we have seen lead removed from Church roofs and drain covers stolen. We are delighted that Liberal Democrats in government worked hard to ensure that this Bill became law”.

“Much of these stolen goods were ending up in scrap yards and out-dated legislation left councils powerless to act and having to pick up the bill to replace them at a time when funding cuts are putting a strain on their ability to deliver vital services.

“This new Act will help tackle this mindless crime and make it easier for councils and the police to both prevent and tackle this criminal activity that causes such damage, distress and disruption.

“It is also supported by responsible scrap metal dealers, such as Recycling Lives, keen to see rogue traders shut down and prosecuted and stopped from bringing their trade into disrepute. From today, we can all work together to clean up the industry once and for all and protect communities from the scourge of metal theft.”

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