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Liberal Democrat Policies at Heart of New Administration

by markjewell on 25 May, 2013

Liberal Democrats on Lancashire County Council have agreed the priorities for County Hall over the next 4 years.

In the County Council elections earlier this month no party gained overall control of the Council. However, Liberal Democrats have now agreed a policy document with Labour and have thus supported their nomination for Leader of the County Council.

All other matters outside of this policy document will be decided on a case by case basis. Nonetheless, there is an intention to reach a consensus on policy and budget decisions.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Lancashire County Council, Bill Winlow said, “This agreement firmly puts Lib Dem policies into a shared agenda with Labour for the good of the residents of Lancashire.”

Former County Councillor Mark Jewell added, “I am so pleased that many of the policies we put forward in our alternative budget in February are now a part of the agenda for the next 4 years at County Hall. Labour will form a minority administration, but need to deliver on the policy document agreed for our continued support.

“Policies such as using County owned sites for energy generation and enhancing respite support for carers all form part of the Liberal Democrats drive for a stronger economy and fairer society for Lancashire.”

The full agreement can be viewed below:-


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