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Sustainable Economy, Fairer Lancashire

by markjewell on 21 February, 2013

Liberal Democrats have today outlined their priorities for Lancashire.

At the full Lancashire County Council meeting, Cllr Bill Winlow, Leader of the LibDems at County Hall, outlined the groups alternative budget.

In his speech he acknowledged the difficult financial position inherited from the previous Labour administration. He gave credit to the current administration for managing a difficult situation reasonably well over the past 4 years.

However, with a further reduction in the budget of 25% over the coming four years the priorities of the Liberal Democrats is for a stronger, sustainable economy in a Fairer Lancashire.

In line with the need for cost reductions Lib Dems would look at working with green companies to generate renewable forms of energy by using County Council land and buildings. Not only would this reduce the energy bill, but may also generate an income to better protect services. Liberal Democrats would also promote shared services with other Councils, mutually owned social enterprises and the private sector to reduce overall costs.

Liberal Democrats would also provide more support for the most vulnerable in Lancashire. Carers would get an additional two days of respite care vouchers to acknowledge the sterling work they undertake. With an ageing population more also needs to be done to raise the awareness of the onset of dementia. By identifying dementia sooner more can be done to improve the lives of those affected. We would also provide advocacy support for residents who appeal the loss of benefits.

To promote sustainable economic growth an additional £5m would be invested to promote environmentally sustainable businesses. More would also be done to work with Lancashire based businesses to access government investment funds.

County Councillor Mark Jewell said, “The election this May will be about what priorities the people of Lancashire think are important. The Liberal Democrats offer a stronger sustainable economy and a fairer Lancashire.

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