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Split vote on Powis Road Closure Survey

by markjewell on 17 November, 2012

Strong feelings were expressed both ways on closing Powis Road.

Local County Councillor Mark Jewell recently undertook a survey on permanently closing the junction of Powis Road with Watery Lane. All households on Powis Road, Ashton Close and Willow Green were surveyed on their views.

A total of 113 responses were received with 60 saying yes to closure and 53 saying no. In general those nearer to the junction tended to say no, whilst those further up tended to say yes.

County Councillor Mark Jewell commented, “with such a high number of residents objecting to permanently closing this junction it would be highly unlikely to gain the approval of planning.

The main concerns of those saying yes to closure was the use of Powis Road as a rat run. However, with the introduction of 20mph speed limits and a redefining of the junction with Tulketh Road, by the end March 2013, this issue should be alleviated.

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